Monday, March 18, 2013

Wiakiki is now home

Honolulu is a beautiful city but very different than I am used to.  I love being here with Jay, even if we are living in a little apartment.  It is so different than I expected.  I have love the environment and being outdoors.  Highrise living with little space it not bad but noisy.  Sleeping is difficult in a city environment and it doesn't ever get really dark.
 I walk the beaches every day while Jay is working.  If I have to get anywhere I ride my bike.  One of the first things Jay did for me when I arrived is buy me a new bike.  It is a great way to get around Wiakiki.  Jay and I are sure getting into shape.
 Jay is still white, which is funny because he has been here for three months.  Hilton Hawaiian Village is my favorite place to walk.  They have tons of shops and birds, penguins, turtles, koe fish, it is really pretty.
 Because we are on bikes we can't do big runs on groceries.  Saturday we decided to check out the local farmers market.  It was really crowded but great fun.  We loved all the fresh vegetable available.  We rode our bikes to this one, only to realize that it was uphill the whole way.  I almost cried when we finally reached the top.  It was great going down though.
 Jay decided to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  This was his first lesson.  He did so good but he was shocked at how tiring it is.  He had the paddling down without any problem but staying up on the board is hard.
 This is the view out our apartment.  The apartment is really small but great for the two of us.  The view makes it worth while.  We looked at other places to move but we like this building so much we are staying here.  It is amazing to think we actually live here for the next 5 years.  I just wish the boys were with us. 
Sunset every evening can be seen from the local restaurants or our own balcony.  There are a lot of fog banks that appear in the way but it is still a great way to spend the end of the day.

The only thing missing is the boys being here.  They are doing well in Arizona, keeping up the house and appear to be fine but I miss them.  We have email, phones, and all the chat options but I can't wait until they can visit.

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